Sergey Potapov

Talking about Linux, Ruby and other hackers' stuff.

About Me

My name is Sergey Potapov, I’m a ruby developer and a Linux user from Kharkiv(Ukraine). My favorite text editor is Vim and I am little bit crazy about it =).

I am an open source enthusiast and do contributions to number of ruby projects. Also I maintain my own ones as well.

My craft is a web deveopment. Besides I love to investigate ruby and its subtle behaviour. I’m interesting in artificial intelligence algorithms and their application.

In my spare time I play guitar, rink, learn foreign languages(Esperanto, English, Spanish) and try to make the world a better place:)

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About the blog

Sometime I feel like I want to share with the world some things I discover. You will find there a number of interesting articles about Ruby, Linux, Vim and some other hackers’ stuff =)